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  • The Australian Crime Commission 2015 Organised Crime Report

    If you have a spare half hour, make yourself a coffee and have a read through the 2015 ACC Report on Organised Crime in Australia. It makes for an interesting, if not daunting, read. The main things we took away from the report from our perspective. 1. Cybercrime ain’t going away any time soon and is becoming an increasingly significant factor in many aspects of organized crime 2. The report extrapolates the cost of cybercrime to Australians this year will be over $936 million. And this is based only on ACORN self reporting of small-medium businesses, so the report acknowledges …

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  • Cyber attacks on Australian businesses rose 20pc last year

    Wade Alcorn chats to ABC’s “The Business” about cyber threats to Australian businesses. “…finance has been facing cyber threats for quite a long time now - it’s one of the most strongly positioned industries in Australia…” You can see the full story here: ABC News Story - Cyber attacks on Australian businesses rose 20pc last year

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  • Presentation at ACSC Conference: Security of Browsers - Why are APTs successful?

    At the Australian Cyber Security Center Conference Wade Alcorn presented an entertaining and insightful take on APTs and web browser security in Australia today. The presentation description was “Why are browsers involved in many APTs? In this presentation you will learn how the web browsers in your organisation provide an opportunity for an attacker. You will explore and understand how they provide a great return of investment for your adversaries. You know them, you love them but how far can you trust them?” Standing room only! More details here: ACSC Speaker Details

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  • Alcorn Group leads AISA Web Hacking Workshop

    Alcorn Group leads a very popular Hacking Workshop at AISA. Today Wade led a popular browser hacking workshop in Brisbane. Always rewarding presenting to a local crowd! More details here: AISA BrisSec Speakers

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  • Crypto app uses single-byte XOR

    Our Managing Director comments on encryption… “Encryption is hard, very hard! … This goes to re-emphasise one of the golden rules of secure development: do not create your own cryptographic functions.” Read the full article: The Register

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  • How much do we value our Privacy?

    Managing Director Wade Alcorn featured in an interesting Lateline story around privacy and personal data. Check out the social experiment in the café- what happens when people start acting like apps? Are we so ready to give away our personal data when it is face to face? More details here: ABC Interview

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