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Cyber Security Specialists

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Alcorn Group does things differently. We have a trusted team of vetted security consultants. This provides you with confidence whilst still having a responsive partner to meet your rapidly changing demands.

Your security is what our team does and we do it well. Security is our specialty. We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your company. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and are committed to providing responsive services that meet any organisation’s unique requirements.

Alcorn Group is here to help. Please contact us for your Cyber Security needs. Contact us now to discuss a CREST Approved security assessment.

Cloud Security

Is your Cloud deployment secure enough for your business data, your corporate email, your database servers? Cloud security is a new challenge for many organisations. Alcorn Group have the experience in assessing cloud security. Utilise our wealth of knowledge to penetration test and assess your Cloud environment.

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Penetration Testing

View your network and applications like a hacker. Worried your email can be read, or that your sensitive data can easily be obtained by hackers? Engage Alcorn Group to perform your next penetration test, we don’t just perform traditional network and application penetration testing, we understand how attackers gain access today.

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We deliver training on a range of security topics from including Web Application and Browser hacking to Operational Security for C-level executives and Journalists.

If your team involves Managers, Developers or in-the-field Journalists, talk to us about our niche training we can deliver.

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