If you have a spare half hour, make yourself a coffee and have a read through the 2015 ACC Report on Organised Crime in Australia. It makes for an interesting, if not daunting, read. The main things we took away from the report from our perspective.

  1. Cybercrime ain’t going away any time soon and is becoming an increasingly significant factor in many aspects of organized crime

  2. The report extrapolates the cost of cybercrime to Australians this year will be over $936 million.

And this is based only on ACORN self reporting of small-medium businesses, so the report acknowledges this is likely to be an underestimation. We would agree with that- many businesses avoid self reporting, and we all know that cybercrime certainly targets large businesses and government agencies as well, sometimes with devastating impacts. So let’s face it – we are looking at a conservative estimate of over 1 billion dollars this year.

Organised Crime in Australia 2015 report

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