Here at Alcorn Group we are eagerly awaiting the release of the 2016 Australian Government Cyber Security Review. The issue of cyber security is one of national importance and affects every Australian citizen, and certainly every Australian business. Some estimates put the direct cost of cyber-crime to Australia a more than $1 billion a year and this seems to be on the conservative side.

There are some great initiatives already including the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) and CREST Australia. The Cyber Security Review will be a clear direction from the federal government and a very much needed clarity. The announcement of funding through to 2019-20 to establish an industry led Cyber Security Centre highlights the government’s efforts to prioritise the area of cybersecurity, and to move towards working more closely with industry, businesses and researchers.

It will be interesting to see how this Security Review evolves and as a wholly Australian owned cyber security company, we are keen to see engagement with Australian industry at a real level. We would like to see initiatives particularly around addressing the skills shortage within the industry that we see at the moment. Our managing director has long been banging on this drum and has been involved in several initiatives to lead Australia’s up-skilling in this area. How government can support Australian businesses to improve their resilience and understanding of cyber threats will also be an area of particular interest. We stay tuned!

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