This year’s Oceania CACS conference is being held on the Gold Coast from September 11 -13. Run by ISACA, this is the premier event in our region for IS Governance, IS Security and IS Assurance professionals.

Alcorn Group’s founder and managing director will be presenting on Monday September 12 at 11:00am with Mayus Nath, Director of QLD Audit Office. With the theme of this year’s conference being ‘Governance, Empower, Protect’ Mayus and Wade will present to the audience their thoughts on empowering the use of new technologies by understanding attacks on Critical Infrastructure with Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s).

With information technology becoming more and more pervasive, not only in enterprises but also in social and public settings, organisations need to embrace new technologies, including Internet of Things in order to enter the market and be competitive. However, until recently, protection has been focussed on information system. Wade and Mayus will discuss how organisations need to take a broader view now days, incorporating multiple technologies when designing and implementing security. They’ll also take a closer look at why browsers are involved in so many advanced persistence threats (APTs). Attendees will learn more about how web browsers within organisations provide opportunities for attackers.

The program of speakers for this year’s conference should ensure informative and insightful sessions for all attendees. For more information on the 2016 Oceania CACS click here

If you would like more information on Alcorn Group’s contribution to this year’s event or have any general inquiries please contact us here.