Sydney’s newest go-to security industry conference, PlatypusCon, took place on Sat 24th September. Targeted at infosec enthusiasts of all capabilities and experience, this year’s event took on a fresh approach to conferencing - holding interactive workshops instead of talks, whereby attendees could try their hands at breaking and entering, capturing flags, hacking drones and fuzzing!

Alcorn Group’s managing consultant Lukasz Gogolkiewicz had the pleasure of demonstrating to his 50-strong audience the art of hacking Windows domains. Lukasz’s workshop took attendees on a journey of network service enumeration to identify vulnerabilities, and if possible, establish a foothold on the network. From there, it was a flag capturing mission for points via privilege escalation techniques, domain controller attacks such as password extraction and exploiting misconfigurations in service permissions.

The workshop was received well by the attendees and the opportunity for Alcorn Group to share some of the more intimate techniques behind Windows hacking was appreciated. Keep an eye out on our twitter feed and website for more information on upcoming workshops and training sessions on hacking Windows domains and web applications.