The Alcorn Group team took to the green at the Merthyr Bowls club this week.

Finger-food was provided for the hungry crew, which all agreed was quite tasty (including the magpie who came to snack while we were playing). Then, breaking into four groups across two lanes, we faced off against each other to see who was the best at rolling balls in a curved line to deliberately miss the things we were aiming at. Which of us could have foreseen that the balls would roll so far, or so askew?

The competition was fierce, with light-hearted heckling to be heard throughout the match. Strategy became key, and at some points players would engage in the meta-game, rolling their ball into blocking positions for the adjoining game, thereby disrupting potential future combatants.

Reece’s Rockin’ Rollers proved strong against Harvey’s Hackers, but Dook’s Divas took the day, finishing off against Kleidon’s Klassics. A great day was had by all.

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