Kristine Sihto, technical writer for Alcorn Group, took part in the ‘Write The Docs Australia’ conference in Melbourne this month.

Kristine is a valued member of our quality assurance process, whose role ensures that the written content provided to our clients is both consistent and understandable. Her passion for the written word is evident in her day-to-day interactions with staff. Her topic at Write the Docs – The Art of Consistency: Creating an inhouse style guide – reflects the heart of what she does for Alcorn Group on a daily basis.

We took a few moments to interview Kristine on her role here at Alcorn Group:

A.G.: What does a typical day look like for you?
Kristine: When I get to work, I immediately look for any quality reviews that need to be performed. This involves checking every report for consistent and appropriate language, correct grammar and spelling, and consistent formatting. Once the urgent work is all out of the way, I can then get down to preparing policy and procedure documentation, reviewing marketing, and occasionally writing blog posts.

A.G.: Why did you join Alcorn Group?
Kristine: Alcorn Group was, for me, a huge step in the direction of my lifelong goals. A position working with words has always been my idea of a perfect job, whether that be editing or writing, and in this role, I get to do both every day. I’m also working in a field that I’m passionate about, which is a definite drawcard.

A.G.: What is the thing you like most about your job?
Kristine: This role stretches me in ways I previously couldn’t have envisioned. Information security is an amazing field, and I get to learn things that I would never have considered while working in other industries.

A.G.: What are your biggest professional challenges?
Kristine: I’ve come from a background unconnected to InfoSec or IT, so it’s been a very steep learning curve. Also, while the consultants can collaborate with each other on their technical needs, I have to find my own professional growth strategies and seek out professional networks that support the type of work I do, in addition to the professional networks that support information security.

A.G.: What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?
Kristine: 2018 has been huge for me. I published a book of poetry that I’ve been working on since I was a teen. I’ve spoken at BrisSEC, and now I’ve presented at the Write The Docs conference in Melbourne.

A.G.: What advice would you give to recent new entrants to information security?
Kristine: Find professional organisations to build your network and support your growth. Making connections outside of your organisation means that you have access to a range of professionals who may have the information you need, or know someone to refer you to.

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