In February 2019, the NSW Government issued its new Cyber Security Policy, a key part of its overarching Cyber Security Strategy released in September 2018. The policy establishes a set of mandatory cyber security requirements, ensuring an integrated approach to preventing and responding to cyber security threats.

The policy came into effect on 1 February 2019, requiring all NSW Public Service Agencies to comply with the new requirements. Adoption of the policy, while not mandatory, is also recommended for State Owned Corporations, local councils and universities.

To meet the new requirements, agencies will be required to:

Full details of all new requirements and the overarching strategy can be found in the respective documents linked above. As a CREST certified organisation, Alcorn Group is well positioned to assist government agencies with meeting the new requirements. Our independent assessment services can provide an initial baseline of your organisation’s cyber security posture and actionable recommendations to achieve and demonstrate ongoing compliance. Examples of services directly supporting policy compliance include:

Alcorn Group will work with your organisation to tailor a program that meets your needs.

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