When you think of criminals, images of shady figures in balaclavas and baseball caps brandishing weapons usually come to mind. Certainly not the vaguely familiar, well-dressed person that you kindly held the door open for as you entered the office this morning.

In fact, recalling what this person looked like stirs unremarkable images, not out of the ordinary for a typical contractor who would visit the office on occasion. The last thing that comes to mind when recalling this figure is “Criminal infiltrating the organisation to steal confidential information”, when it’s more likely they just work in an area of the business you are not familiar with from time-to-time.

Alcorn Group recently bypassed the physical security of a company who provides critical infrastructure in a test to assess the effectiveness of the organisation’s security controls. For this client, the Red Team Engagement involved physical infiltration of a utility facility, which ultimately resulted in Alcorn Group gaining internal corporate network access. Later this week, Alcorn Group will be presenting to the client about this engagement, while working with them further to develop improvements to their Cyber Security posture and resilience, including awareness for the importance of physical security controls in relation to Cyber Security.

Typically, a Red Team Engagement combines social engineering, physical entry, and digital exploitation, yet it can also involve other techniques depending on the target and resources available. Red Team Engagements are essential for organisations who endeavour to understand exactly where their security posture stands, and any unknown business risks , while providing broader education and engaged awareness across all areas of the business.

Through a multi-layered approach, Alcorn Group’s Red Team Engagements assist clients with gaining visibility of Cyber Security risks that have the potential to impact their organisation, with a focus on exposing vulnerabilities and risks that would be posed by different, real-world Cyber attackers who would try to infiltrate the network. Alcorn Group has accumulated extensive experience in delivering Red Team Engagements to Government organisations and facilities around critical infrastructure assets, including companies within the banking and financial sectors.

Get in touch with the Alcorn Group team to discuss how Red Team Engagements can help further develop your organisation’s Cyber Security resilience, and to identify any potentially impacting risks.