The expansion of the Information Security industry in recent years has brought with it an increase in demand for skilled and experienced security professionals to provide expert consulting. To address this demand, Alcorn Group is expanding its presence within NSW, with additional staff being added to our Sydney team. Having a dedicated Sydney team allows Alcorn Group to have greater onsite utilisation and reduces response time for onsite requests. By providing a unique and tailored service to clients, Alcorn Group is able to help NSW government departments and companies alike, improve their security maturity and position.

Alcorn Group’s Head of Business Development, Reece Stewart (pictured), has been based in Sydney since 2016. Having worked in the InfoSec industry since 2014, Reece brought with him a diverse set of experiences while previously working in recruitment and sales roles and was also a Brisbane branch committee member for AISA. A man of many talents, Reece manages Alcorn Group’s sales and marketing strategies, while identifying the service needs of clients, and influencing our response to the industry’s needs. He is also a key account manager for our clients across several industries, including government, financial services and critical infrastructure.

Reece is passionate about giving back to the InfoSec community and fostering great communication and collaboration. He enjoys the challenge of problem solving for the unique solutions that the InfoSec industry requires, as well as ensuring that Alcorn Group’s communication suits multiple audiences so that our clients can have the best security outcomes. Reece is proud of his work and believes that there is no company with a better approach to security consulting within Australia than Alcorn Group.

In addition to his role at Alcorn Group, Reece has helped co-ordinate the OWASP Sydney meetups. These meetups facilitate a discussion on the value of aligning to an open source standard for security while bringing the local InfoSec community together. Reece is passionate about ensuring that industry-renowned specialists can share their InfoSec experiences and knowledge to both technical enthusiasts, and non-technical persons at these meetups.

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