Here at Alcorn Group, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality products to all our clientele. This success can be attributed to the incorporation of a strict Quality Assurance regime. This ensures that every client engagement has deliverables that are technically sound, visually appealing and digestible by the client. At the forefront of this Quality Assurance process is our dedicated Technical Writing team.

Our Technical Writing team form a key component of the quality management process. They employ a high level of detail, organisational skills, understanding of business processes, and exceptional information-gathering skills to develop documentation that facilitates practical improvements for each client.

This specialist team reviews each deliverable at multiple stages of the Quality Assurance lifecycle to ensure they can be easily read by stakeholders, without stripping out any valuable technical information. In addition to making sure that the technical documentation is easily digestible by a technical and non-technical audience, the team also ensures that the document is visually appealing, with a distinct Alcorn Group brand feel. This meticulous care and attention to detail guarantees that each client receives a product that accurately reflects the service Alcorn Group provides.

Alcorn Group currently has three specialist writers, who are degree qualified with a combined 15 years of experience working within the Information Technology industry. This level of knowledge and understanding allows them to collaborate effectively with the security consultants. The team is adept at compiling and translating highly researched, advanced technical concepts and can articulate these clearly, accurately and comprehensively into actionable reports for our clients. Our professional writers ensure that all documents provide our clientele with the confidence and knowledge that what they are receiving is trusted, accurate, and understandable, while being written to be comprehended by all areas of the client’s business.

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