A handful of Alcorn Group’s consultants are currently attending the annual BlackHat Conference held in Las Vegas. BlackHat provides industry professionals and enthusiasts alike with invaluable insight to current and future technologies. Our team are actively engaging with technical training featuring the latest research and development within the Information Security field.

One of Alcorn Group’s key drivers is to provide opportunities for training, research, and development of our team members, building upon existing knowledge and developing skills for the future. This investment in our team allows for flexible career growth and added value to our clients.

BlackHat features renowned speakers from across the Information Security industry presenting in a vendor-neutral environment and covering many topics. These include offensive security, remote attacks, malware, Enterprise environment security, attacking and defending cloud environments, and more. The training which accompany these talks provide hands-on opportunities to develop practical skills within relevant and upcoming fields of Information Security.

In addition to refining the set of skills required to simulate malicious attackers in real-world scenarios, this conference provides our team with an opportunity to develop further insight into the various issues currently faced by companies worldwide.

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