Here at Alcorn Group, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality products to all our clientele. Threat intelligence can prepare, prevent and identify threats which look to take advantage of any organisation. This is accomplished by keeping organisations informed and up-to-date on new and existing threats, which in turn reduces overall threat activity, lowers risk, and capitalises on security expenditure.

What is Threat Intelligence?

Cyber threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge inclusive of; details of the circumstances, known malicious processes, general symptoms, and action-oriented advice about existing or emerging threats to assets. The key areas of information collection require exploration and analysis through rigorous and structured techniques, this gives the consumer vast quantities of information which promotes accurate and relevant intelligence.

Why You Need Threat Intelligence

A threat intelligence service delivers an improved defensive posture, helps to protect against zero day threats, lowers risk, reduces reaction times and gets the most out of security expenditures. With Alcorn Group’s considerable human resources focused on these crucial concerns, our clients can realise increased savings in financial and human capital while having enhanced security measures in place.

What is Threat Intelligence Used for?

Threat intelligence gives context around security issues that helps with informed decision making. Knowledge gained through threat intelligence is used to prevent, discover, and navigate incidents of data loss or network compromise. The information can also be scrutinised to supply further context for threat analysis (i.e. who is attacking and why), data investigation (identifying issues) and uncovering malicious activity on networks. In the event that malicious activity on a network is discovered, expertise can be focused to bolster security incident response capabilities.

What Does a Threat Intelligence Service Provide?

Good data governance involves having a security profile, which is a set of rights and restrictions associated with particular users. The profile determines the actions such as viewing, creating and modifying that a user can perform. An Intelligence service assists in enforcing the security profile of an organisation, identifying deviations in the profile and contributes to:

How is a Threat Intelligence Service Conducted?

The service will look at the internal and external aspects that are relevant to the client using, among other tools, cyber threat diagnostics. To build a profile of the client, internal intelligence is employed to highlight areas of focus and provide specific information into the external monitoring component. Internal threat intelligence is appropriate for detecting insider threats such as rogue employees.

External sources of intelligence that Alcorn Group use includes:

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