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If you have ever wondered how security professionals hack into your web applications, then this workshop is ideal for you. The techniques covered in this workshop can be immediately implemented to increase the security of your organisation. This one-day training is an instructor-led workshop aimed to improve your ability to find vulnerabilities in web applications and web services. The workshop covers the process of hacking a web application, from the initial mapping and analysis, probing for common vulnerabilities to exploitation techniques.

You won’t need vast security knowledge, just a basic technical background and a readiness to learn. Ideally, you should have a basic knowledge of networking and how web applications work. An understanding of one or more languages and frameworks such as PHP, JSP, ASP, and ASP.NET is an advantage.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Have a bit of free time on the 30th of Oct? Would you like to convince your boss to give you some time away from the office? Send us an email at [email protected] or call on 07 3556 9297 for more information.

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