As the year winds down, Alcorn Group takes some time out to celebrate and reflect on 2019.

Keeping up the annual tradition of thieving Santa, we all had a blast opening and swapping gifts amongst ourselves. Some gifts were reluctantly pried out of fingers, and others were gleefully obtained! The amount of strategy involved in this game was certainly surprising. We also celebrated with good food and drinks, and even greater company at our end of year function.

2019 has been an eventful year for Alcorn Group. Many new members joined our team, Alcorn Group expanded down into Sydney, featured in the CRN fast 50 and was welcomed into the new Cyber CX partnership. We’re all looking forward to an even bigger year in 2020!

Our team enjoyed many research opportunities this year including experimenting with ATM functionality and exploitation on Alcorn Group owned ATM machines. A password cracking station was also built by our fantastic team.

Alcorn Group would like to thank all of our wonderful clients this year for their continued trust in us.

Happy Holidays from Alcorn Group! Hope you all have a cyber safe and relaxing festive season. See you all in the New Year.

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