In the interest of public welfare and the continuing improvement of Australian cyber security assets; Alcorn Group would like to take the opportunity to freely promote an available role in a highly valued and strategic Queensland (QLD) Government organisation.

The Opportunity

A call has gone out, as advertised through the website, that it is now in the closing days before a new Director of Cyber Security will be accepted into the ranks of the Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA). This role provides the opportunity to create an ongoing innovative culture that recognises the future needs of QLD and its people, while improving and creating systems that maintain or improve public safety, especially in IT. Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA) is an organisation where you can engage with colleagues, and serve the public with pride as you support those who keep our community safe and secure. This is maintained while building, evolving and preserving a prominent and extremely well regarded QLD workplace.

Public Safety Business Agency’s Work Impacts Everyone

PSBA are a QLD government agency established in 2014 to provide a wide variety of services to QLD’s public safety portfolio. These agencies include, although are not limited to, the QLD Police Service, Fire and Emergency Services, Ambulance Services, and Corrective Services.

What Do They Do?

PSBA’s main obligations are to deliver professional ICT, financial, procurement, asset management and human resources services. In-person and web-based services provide ICT goals with the aim to “… connect everything, everyone, everywhere for a safe and secure Queensland …”. They achieve this by not only liaising with the public safety agencies, but also business and community members. PSBA has a very large stable of IT experts who further engage with other public safety bodies in their support of local communities. In their role to provide asset management and procurement they have attained such a high level of quality that they had nominations in the Premier’s Awards for Excellence.

People Power

It’s worth mentioning the PSBA’s efforts in human relations, as part of workforce planning, and also regarding adaptive abilities for workplace culture and initiatives. PSBA is a White Ribbon accredited workplace and they act to enable everyone to participate in “… challenging attitudes and behaviours that underpin violence, and work towards building respectful, safe and inclusive cultures.”

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